How it all started

As a creative I have always been fascinated with the shoe making process.
I wanted to create a product with unique character.
One thing led to another and I started Wanderlust Leather Co.

Wanderlust means: A Strong Desire To Travel

I got the idea while discussing my dream with friends around a campfire.
That same feeling of companionship and friendship is what our products are all about.
I want to create products that are personal.
Making something out of nothing is a special process which I enjoy being as closely involved in
as possible to make sure we produce something amazing.

We love making people happy with our products, we want to share quality, comfort and adventure.

Marné de Nysschen

Using only locally sourced material is really important to us.
We get our leather from Midlands Group Tannery.
This family owned tannery creates job opportunities for many.

They pride themselves in training and empowering people and that makes us happy.
Their transparency makes it a pleasure to work with them as we know exactly which materials they use when treating the leather.
They are proudly South African and so are we.

It’s all about supporting each other.

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