Why journaling is a great idea:

A while back here at Wanderlust Leather Co, we launched our new Travel Book (if you haven’t seen it, look for it under the New Products tab in the online store, it’s pretty cool).  

We’ve created this product to inspire you to document your journeys and travels as well as your thoughts.

Write down special street names or coordinates of the place you love most, draw the pigeons while you’re sitting on a bench sharing your sandwich with them.  Put the dares you made on your road trip in writing.

Photographs and videos are great for remembering but sometimes you need to capture what your senses are experiencing in words to remember them more vividly.  There’s just something about paper, about creating lines with a black ink pen.  Turns out it’s also good for you to write down your dreams, thoughts, memories and to do’s.  

According to the University of Rochester’s Medical Centre, there are some great mental benefits you get from journaling. When we write down our thoughts and feelings we understand them more clearly, it also serves as a healthy outlet to deal with the things going on inside.  Some of these benefits include:

Managing stress and anxiety:

By writing down how you feel and getting it all out might just make it a little easier to breathe.  If you write down all the big stuff you’re worrying about before bedtime along with the things you have to do the next day, it will help you to clear your mind and have good night’s sleep.

Help to prioritize problems, concerns and fears:

If you write these down, chances are that you will be able to see them with more perspective.  This will give you a starting point for problem-solving to find solutions that will help make these concerns and fears become tiny little blips on your radar.

Improving your IQ:

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any smarter.  In a report from the University of Victoria it was noted: “Writing as part of language learning has a positive correlation with intelligence.”

Stimulating your imagination and creativity:

Try writing down small events or things that happened during your day, try recording what your senses experienced, now try to write a little story from this event, true or fictional. This is a great exercise to help your imagination stay in check.  You can also make drawings and doodles and use different materials, like water paint, sharpies, colour pencils etc. when journaling to stimulate your creative mind.

Remembering important moments:

By recording and documenting the things that make you stop in your tracks will give you the opportunity to relive it anytime you’d like.  We live in world where we are obsessed with other people’s stories, go back and read your own, you may just feel content with all the little journeys you go on every day that you take for granted, you may just see something old through new eyes and be thankful all over again that you were able to climb that mountain.

Living a positive life:

When journaling the good and the bad try to write down or draw something to be thankful for with every entry, it doesn’t hurt to let a little light in, also it’s like a muscle the more you practice it the easier it will be to use those positivity vibes.  

Basically our lives are very short and it’s scary that we won’t be able to remember most of it, you might lead an ordinary life and you might not go on big trips around the world every week, but you are alive dear Wanderer and that is worth documenting, the human experience is worth writing about.

In your journal you can go wherever you want, you can tell about that time that you visited the Angkor Wat or your grandmother in De Aar.  You can look back and remember the time you had lunch with Bruce Springsteen or what you would talk about if you ever got the chance.

Write down the yesterdays that are important and the dreams of the beautiful tomorrows that awaits you.  One day these will be your treasures.

Enjoy your Travel Book,

Genuine Leather, Genuine Wanderlust