30 Blesbok str Koedoespoort Pretoria
Welcome to
Wanderlust Leather

Wanderlust Leather Co products are synonymous with adventure, freedom and experiences.
A loyal companion on all your travels.
They tell a story.

They tell your story.


As a creative I have always been fascinated with the shoe making process.

I wanted to create a product with unique character.

One thing led to another and I started Wanderlust Leather Co.

Wanderlust means: A Strong Desire To Travel

I got the idea while discussing my dream with friends around a campfire.

That same feeling of companionship and friendship is what our products are all about.

I want to create products that are personal.

Making something out of nothing is a special process which I enjoy being as closely involved in as possible to make sure we produce something amazing.

We love making people happy with our products, we want to share quality, comfort and adventure.

Marné de Nysschen

our amazing
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30 Blesbok str
Contact Details
Phone: 064 526 6783
Email: info@wanderlustleather.co.za
Warehouse Open
Mon-Thurs 07:00-15:00
Fridays – 07:00-12:00
Dear wanderers, friends, and supporters of the Wanderlust Leather family.
If there’s one thing we know it’s that life can take you different kinds of journeys.
Sometimes they’re great big adventures and other times you’ll go down unexpected rough roads or find yourself in a valley.
In this time of COVID-19, we surely are sailing the seas of uncertainty. All we know is that our first
priority is to take care of the people who make this business possible with their dedication, hard work,
and exceptional craftsmanship. Unfortunately being closed down and having to pay all of our staff during this time
has taken it's toll on Wanderlust financially and has come to a point where we are not able to keep
providing for our people in the way that we want to. We truly couldn’t predict or imagine finding
ourselves in a situation calling for such drastic measures to be taken but here we are.
The Wanderlust family could really use your help.

During this closedown period, we would like to ask for your kind donation to keep our amazing Wanderlust
team afloat and give them much needed security. Everything donated will go to supplementing their salaries and
to help them in any other way possible. It’s never easy to ask for these kinds of things but it is easy to do
everything we possibly can to care for our loyal staff.

To encourage donations we will also be giving something back. For every donation over R700, you’ll get a
small toiletry bag and over R1200 you will get a pair of shoes. We will also choose a donation winner that
can come and make something at our studio for themselves.

We truly are stronger together. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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